What is LED Light Therapy?

Using only visible wavelengths of red and blue light, Celluma® LED light therapy uses this safe, harmless type of light to increase cellular turnover, improve skin health, and treat conditions such as acne. Ranking among the gentlest and safest types of light therapy, this treatment heals and rejuvenates for healthier skin. 

Ottawa LED Light Therapy
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How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

LED light therapy uses red or blue wavelengths of LED light to treat conditions varying from fine lines and wrinkles to active acne problems. This light contains only wavelengths in the visible spectrum, meaning there are no infrared wavelengths to create heat and no ultraviolet light to cause skin damage. The effect of this treatment depends on the color of light used for treatment. 

Red LED light treats signs of aging by targeting the epidermis, the outer layers of skin. This light stimulates the cells in the epidermis to begin producing more collagen. Collagen proteins add support, fullness, and firmness to the skin. In addition, red LED light has anti-inflammatory properties and can boost skin health by improving blood flow. 

Blue LED light works on the sebaceous glands, which produce oil. When these become overactive, acne often results. Blue LED light can decrease the activity of these glands, so they produce less oil, resulting in fewer breakouts. Both wavelengths can combine to calm the sebaceous glands, decrease inflammation, and reduce scarring for even more effective acne treatment. 

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What is Getting LED Light Therapy Like?

Treatments take about half an hour. During that time, the light-emitting Celluma® pad will be placed on your skin and will send out the required wavelengths of light. You will not feel anything during the treatment session. Using only wavelengths that produce no heat and cause no UV skin damage, Celluma® LED light therapy causes no redness or irritation. 

What Results Will I See With LED Light Therapy?

People using red light for anti-inflammatory and anti-aging treatments will see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as more vibrant skin and diminished hyperpigmentation. In the case of acne treatment, people see a decrease in oiliness, breakouts, and inflamed cystic acne. 

Treatment with LED light therapy works best with one or two treatments per week for up to ten weeks. You will have achieved your maximum results at the end of this time, although we recommend monthly follow-up treatments for maintenance. People receiving treatment for acne may need ongoing treatment until the acne has calmed down and scarring has been minimized. 

Am I a Good Candidate for LED Light Therapy?

You can almost certainly receive this gentle, noninvasive treatment. Only people with unusual sensitivities to light should not have LED light therapy. 

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