Raving Fans


Luminesse laser and skin clinic is by far the best place I have been to. Sandy is the most respectful, honest and trustworthy person in this type of business. Some places it's all about money, but this place it's about making the customers happy. I would totally recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Thanks Sandy for all you have do and keep doing for me.

- April Campbell Adi

Great service and friendly staff.

- Jo-Ann Davidson

Awesome, friendly, cool people, but most importantly, the process works. Takes multiple sessions, but with noticeable effects after healing from each.

- Jer Tbo

Absolutely recommended. I have had 2 Sublative therapies performed and my face looks spectacular. Pricing is better than anyone in Ottawa but that is not at the result of a lowered quality. The office is well appointed and professional. I felt secure, calm and was given a professional level of service that exceeds any other service I've had. Extremely recommended. And I'm a guy.

- Tim Gordon